Waterseal- Waterproofing Solution

Monsoon problems that can be solved by using Duraguard Waterseal



Water Leakage: Water seepage/dripping through the roof.

Solution: This future problem should be factored in at the time of construction itself. The smart way to tackle this problem is with Duraguard Waterseal cement, its water-repelling attribute helps the water seepage problem.


Dampness in Wall:  This happens when the water leaks from any leaky / broken pipeline or any other source in the wall or beams.

Solution: This future problem should be factored in at the time of construction itself. Concealed piping should be avoided as much as possible and in places where it is unavoidable, a water-repelling cement such as Duraguard Waterseal should be used on top of the pipes.



Wall Paint Peeling/Blistering:  With the dampness entering the wall through the cracks, saltpetre action or the seepage, the paint loses its bond and starts peeling.

Solution: To avoid moisture from entering in at the time of construction, water-repelling cement such a Duraguard Waterseal should be used.


Increasing Capillary Action:  During monsoon, the humidity of the air increases which leads to a low evaporation rate, thereby increasing the capillary action in the building. This is further made worse by more water absorption of soil.

Solution: This is a problem which people often tend to ignore, resulting in irreparable water damage. Proper waterproofing arrangements should be done while laying the foundation itself. The best solution is to use a moisture repellent agent like Duraguard Waterseal. Most importantly, the Damp Proof Course should be provided with a PCC fortified with the latest mix.



Short Circuit in Electrical  Equipments: With seepage in walls, water can also enter open wiring circuits or corrode ungraded cables and wires.

Solution: The best solution is to use a moisture repellent agent like Duraguard Waterseal. Most importantly, the Damp Proof Course should be provided with a PCC fortified with the latest mix.


Corrosion Problem: This happens when the water leaks from any broken pipeline or any other source and the steel bars used for construction start corroding which later form cracks or leaks in the wall

Solution: Use of water-repelling cement such as Duraguard Waterseal is advised


Lump Formation Problem:  When the storage of cement is improper, it absorbs moisture from the environment and hardens, making it unusable.

Solution: Proper storage in a covered area, with a wooden platform beneath and triple covering on top of the cement bags can be used to avoid moisture. In addition to this, a cement with moisture repellant property like Duraguard Waterseal can be used.


Low Early Strength: Due to moisture during monsoon, the cement reduces its bonding strength when mixed with water and sand, thus it does not attain the desired initial strength.

Solution: This problem can be avoided at the time of construction by using cement that will help in the reduction of water absorption by 55-60% in the initial phase like Duraguard Waterseal and give desired initial strength.


Slow Setting: Like slow initial strength, slow setting is also a common problem during monsoon. As the mixture retains moisture the paste formed is very fluid, thus takes time to fully set.

Solution: The best way to avoid this problem is by using cement that will repel the extra moisture in the initial phase and set properly even in moisture-laden conditions like Duraguard Waterseal.



1. How can Duraguard Waterseal repel water?

Ans: Duraguard Waterseal repels water due to formation of a thin coating of the additive over each cement particle.

2. What kind of water repellent has been used in Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: An Oleic compound is used to make Duraguard Waterseal water repellent.

3. What will be the 28 days strength of M20 Grade Concrete using Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: The 28 days strength of M20 grade of Duraguard Waterseal is almost similar to Duraguard.

4. What will be the curing time of concrete prepared with Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: Same as all other types of cement.

5. Will the water-repelling property disappear after reaction with water?

Ans: No, Duraguard Waterseal continues to retain its water-repelling properties.

6. Will the motar made with Duraguard Waterseal work only for external waterproofing?

Ans: No, mortar made from Duraguard Waterseal works for internal and external waterproofing.

7. Will the water-repelling property hamper the homogeneity of concrete mixing?

Ans: No, the water-repelling property does not hamper the homogeneity of the concrete.

8. When water is mixed with cement, it fills the micro-voids in cement, what will happen in case of Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: In case of Duraguard Waterseal, the formed gel is hydrophobic which resist entry and also the exit of water. Water penetration is 40 – 50% lesser in Duraguard Waterseal construction, not zero.

9. Should construction chemical be used for concrete made with Duraguard Waterseal? What will be the quantity of the chemical used for 50 kg of cement?

Ans: Construction chemical can be used if required. The quantity should be the same as in the case of any ordinary cements.

10. Is Duraguard Waterseal finer compared to Duraguard?

Ans:  The quality of Duraguard Waterseal is same as Duraguard.

11. Does VRT (Void Reduction Technology) exist in Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: Yes, Duraguard Waterseal is a more advanced product.

12. How does the water seal hydrophobic coating work?

Ans: It works by virtue of its chemical property, surface tension, etc.

13. If Zero M Water Shield is used with Duraguard to make concrete, will it prevent TMT bars from corrosion just as concrete made Duraguard Waterseal?

Ans: There are research papers available by eminent researchers, suggesting that a layer of insoluble hydrophobic compound is formed over the rebars and acts as a rust inhibitor, thus providing 3 times more security.

14. Will the water-repelling property in Duraguard Waterseal increase the compressive strength of concrete?

Ans: Marginally, as NC is lesser. Lower water addition during mixing always provides an improvement in later strength. That’s why, Duraguard Waterseal’s water demand for any particular slump is marginally lesser.

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