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Nuvoco cements are among the foremost in the industry. Concreto, Duraguard Microfiber are some of the most premium products available today. With a legacy of innovation from our Laboratory, Nuvoco strives to bring you the best in construction materials

What makes us stand out ? Our variants have an edge over others with 
- innovations from our world class experts
- best BIS standards rating, and 
- best raw materials available gives our products a premium quality


A versatile and premium slag cement with five distinct advantages; Concreto is one of the best cement brands available in the Indian market. Its specifications exceed all BIS standards with both, i...

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Concreto Green

Concreto Green cement, Nuvoco's newly-launched innovation, consumes up to 25% less water while increasing the strength of concrete up to 70%. Therefore, it not only makes your home stronger but als...

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Duraguard is a Portland Pozzolana Cement or PPC variant, with unique and uniform particle size distribution. This helps create a high density concrete mix that attributes towards structural durabil...

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Duraguard Waterseal

Duraguard Waterseal Cement with Damp Lock Formula Guards against dampness, from the foundation to the roof. Protects TMT BARS from corrosion. Keeps kitchen and bathrooms dry and healthy....

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Duraguard Microfiber

Duraguard Microfiber is a newly launched, next-generation cement; comprising fibre technology, which results in structures with high strength, damp resistance and minimal cracks. It is a PPC var...

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Duraguard Xtra

Introducing Duraguard Xtra with 'Superset Technology'. A revolutionary technology that uses optimum amount of water to lend the cement enhanced work-ability, high compaction and optimum setting tim...

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Duraguard Silver

Duraguard Silver Cement has been manufactured with the advanced technology that protects your construction from foundation to finish due to the added advantage of slag and silicate gel. Slag impart...

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Duraguard RapidX

Duraguard RapidX Cement sets quick and provides unmatched strength and safety to structures. It is a unique OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) which exhibits quicker setting properties while keepi...

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PSC is a high performance, blended Portland Slag Cement that is known for its strength, shine and smooth finish. It is made with slag produced from the Jojobera plant of one of the world’s foremost...

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Nirmax PPC is a new age special blended cement which meets the requirement of civil engineers and structural consultants. It is easier to compact, provides excellent finish and helps avoid cold joi...

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lnfracem is a high quality cement, available as Ordinary Portland Cement, 53 Grade (IS 269:2015) and Portland Pozzolona Cement (IS 1489 Part 1:1991). It is best suited for heavy construction work i...

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Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. has been a part of the Indian construction landscape since 1999; through its cement business. We currently have six cement and close to sixty five ready mix concrete plants in India. We have an established presence across all major cities and towns in India. Our operations across two business divisions Read More



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