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Innovation and Construction

Innovation is synonymous with Nuvoco. To us, innovation means developing new construction solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, in every market; and contributing to a safer, smarter and sustainable world.

As a result, our R&D initiatives are geared to collaborate with the world of architecture and to align itself with the growing urbanization landscape. Nuvoco’s building materials and construction solutions deliver a reduced ecological footprint and an enlarged social role.

Nuvoco’s research teams work closely with customers to understand their needs, develop new products that add value to construction solutions and contribute to more sustainable ways of building. Scientific research enables Nuvoco to understand the properties of its products in order to improve their performance and develop even greater innovations.

Construction Development and Innovation Centre (CDIC), Mumbai

Our prime focus

Bring innovation closer to markets, accelerate and innovate locally through system developments.

We operate out of an eco-system of 17,000 sq. ft. to innovate for the construction industry in a sustainable manner.

  • The ground floor is dedicated to making concrete specimens and creating prototypes of various construction systems. This area demonstrates our product benefits and value optimisation.
  • The first floor is dedicated to carrying out chemical and physical analyses of our materials, in laboratory bench dedicated to designing new binders or concrete formulations
  • The second floor is dedicated to customers and partner interactions; and for display of innovations and initiatives.
Our facilities

Development, testing, site expertise and services

  • R&D facilities and competencies to serve all our product lines.
  • Institutional tie-ups with IIT Mumbai for consulting and projects for cement and concrete developments.
  • Accelerated local innovation through development of products and systems.
  • Knowledge sharing forums with experiments, lab tours for customers and influencers; along with internal training and workshops.
Contributions of CDIC

This approach of locally-focused innovation has yielded many beneficial results

  • In Cement: Binder products LCB, Water- resistant cement prototype, Zero M, Soil stabiliser, microfiber cement, to name a few.
  • In RMX : Value-Added Products (VAPs), products in the Steelibre, Polibre, Instante, Robuste, Xlite, Lente, Regletherme, Fluide, Easyfille, Artiste, Agile, Instamix etc.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. has been a part of the Indian construction landscape since 1999; through its cement business. We currently have six cement and close to sixty five ready mix concrete plants in India. We have an established presence across all major cities and towns in India. Our operations across two business divisions Read More



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