What Everyone Must Know About Textured Concrete

Date: 15 Sep, 2020

Today even when it comes to creating good impressions, everyone wants to create the best. This not only applies to our physical looks, but also the looks of various buildings, especially buildings or places, like hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, institutes, and so on.

Along with appealing aesthetics, it becomes important to ensure that the aesthetics don’t come at the cost of durability.

What is textured concrete?

As we say – first impressions are the last impressions. The first thing that is visible to a first-time visitor is the exterior of any building that he or she enters. You might have the best-designed interiors or structure for the building; however, the exterior and the area surrounding the exterior needs to complement the interiors and the exterior structure. The combination of all of these together is what ensures that you set the right impressions. Decorative concrete flooring or textured concrete can easily be used as an attractive paving option beautifying the area surrounding the structure. Incorporating various color options can further enhance unique pattern concrete. Also when the combination of the right decorative concrete flooring pattern with the right color can result in natural stone or even wooden look for your exteriors.

Benefits of textured concrete

These textured pattern concrete can also be used in walkways, stamped concrete for driveways, and even various decorative concrete flooring options for the high-end societies and various garden areas and many more.  This decorative concrete flooring or textured concrete comes with its pros and cons that you might want to evaluate while choosing the exteriors.

Benefits –

  • Durability and Strength

This mainly depends on the kind of materials that are used in the final construction of the decorative concrete flooring.

Concrete flooring proves to be high in durability compared to Compared to other flooring options like wooden flooring, paver blocks and tiles. In addition to this, the advantages in the strength of natural stones can easily be incorporated into concrete flooring.

  • Weather Proofing

Natural climatic conditions are known to take a toll on naturally available resources. The stamped concrete manufacturers can very easily overcome these disadvantages using quality products.

  • Unique and multitude of pattern options

There are no limitations as far as it comes to the materials that can be used in textured concrete. Thus making it possible to be able to incorporate various design options with attractive finishes all keeping your budget.


Finally, the takeaway here would be that the final look or the final impression that you want to give out for your structure. Yes, there are various factors, like the materials, choice of the right manufacturer, and the final installation that takes place. This in turn means getting in touch with the right people with the relevant knowledge. Artsite, by Nuvoco, believes in working with architects, developers, and landscapers, to help them create lasting first impressions.

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