Easy tips to reduce house construction cost

Date: 22 Jan, 2021

What is a happy place? It is where you can relax and experience the serenity of life, especially when you had a bad day. For most of us, this place is what we call “HOME.” And often, it is for these very reasons we consider house construction. Buying a house or even house construction in India can be a pretty hectic affair, especially when the finances are concerned. Homeowners or even prospective buyers are looking at ways to reduce the total cost for the construction of the house. So how to reduce construction costs in India? Is this even possible?

House Construction Tips to keep in mind

Yes, for people who might be uninformed, there are various house construction tips and tricks that can help us reduce house construction costs in India at various stages of construction.

1. Right and economical plot selection

The first stage of house construction in India is selecting the right plot. This step ensures that you are working on reducing the total cost for the construction of the house from the first stage itself. The crucial point to keep in mind is how accessible the plot is– whether it is a roadside plot or whether it is a little further away. This choice would change the total cost for the construction of the house.
Tip: Buying a plot a little way from the road might prove to be more economical.

2. Structural and interior design

Another very critical aspect, when it comes to the house construction cost, is getting the design done. The complete design of the structure as well as the interiors is a complete MUST when it comes to how to construct a house at a low cost. Most of us just want to go with the flow. However, that is not the best approach, since you end up spending more on the total cost for the construction of the house. When you have the designs in place, you know what materials and furniture need to be acquired well in advance. Thus giving you enough time to work to get the best prices.

3. Keep it simple and minimalistic

This is not just a low-cost house construction tip; it is also about adding a more aesthetic appeal. When you keep the interiors of the house open and less cluttered, it gives you a feeling that the house is bigger than it actually might be. This not only helps reduce the total cost for the construction of the house, but it also helps you plan the spaces better and making them more multi-purpose.

4. Get an experienced professional

Most of us are very apprehensive about getting a professional architect or an interior designer for that matter. The reason, in general, mainly being that it would add-on to the total cost for construction of the house. On the other hand, the professional has the information and the experience that can work in your favour, when it comes to reducing the cost of construction. Yes, there is a fee attached for the services. However, their expertise helps you at various stages of construction.

Keeping all these things in mind can be quite a tedious task. Nuvoco Home Assist is what you need when it comes to not only planning the various stages of house construction; but also, when it comes to reducing the cost of construction.


Building a house is a dream for many. However, you don’t have to get into debts and loans that you pay for the rest of your lives. All you need to do is ensure that you follow the right house construction tips and know how to reduce the cost of construction.

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