Want to eliminate health hazards on site due to dust emissions?

Date: 5 Apr, 2018

How to implement operational good practices without hampering the production?

The key aspects to be considered for a solution are:

  • In concrete plants emissions are bound to exist.
  • Emission of dust is one of the most difficult aspects.
  • During unloading of cement or fly ash more dust is blown in the air from dust collector exhaust.
  • In the short term, exposure to high levels of cement dust irritates the nose and throat.
  • Longer term exposure could lead to occupational asthma.

The solutions derived for above pain points while ensuring safety at all times:

In Nuvoco lot of importance is given to the environment. While keeping in mind the environmental impact of this dust and emission, RMX Baddi plant team had made arrangements to help prevent the same. They used an efficient mechanism where a pipe was used for collecting the dust in a closed drum which in turn was filled with water in order to arrest the dust. This will prevent the dust from escaping on site and settling down sooner.

In most cases it is feasible to control the dust through suppression techniques or local exhaust ventilation. However, capturing or controlling the dust at source is nearly always better than attempting to control exposure by ventilating the whole area.

With this initiative Baddi plant has eliminated the dust emission in air to a large extent and has contributed towards saving environmental pollution.

This is keeping in line with Nuvoco’s values towards shaping a safer, healthier and sustainable future. To know more about our values click here:

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd, a Nirma Group company, started operations in India in 1999 via acquisitions. Nirma Group forayed into the cement business in 2014 through a greenfield cement plant in Nimbol. Thereafter, we have grown the cement business, through acquisition of the Indian cement business of LafargeHolcim in 2016 and NU Vista (formerly Emami Cement Limited) in 2020. Read More



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