Understanding the benefits of sustainable construction

Date: 26 May, 2021

With the ever-increasing population, what has continually increased is the amount of construction. However, this has now added to the natural resources problems. Constructions are the major consumers of global resources, and they also one of the main reasons for the extensive amounts of pollutions. Hence, it now becomes a responsibility for the construction industry to break this trend by adding more sustainability in construction.

So, what is sustainable construction? Or how do we add more sustainability to the structure? Sustainable construction means that you use innovative construction methods that benefit the environment. Thus creating a world for future generations. Therefore, having sustainability in construction can meet the demand of the growing population. Still, you use renewable and recyclable resources for your building and ensure that you reduce the amount of energy consumption and the waste produced.

Advantages of Sustainable Construction

There are various advantages of sustainable construction, mentioned below.

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved health
  • Waste minimization
  • Better use of materials
  • Environmental protection
  • Lesser noise pollution
  • Higher quality of life
  • Emerging market
  • Room for experimentation

Sustainable materials for construction

So now that we have a general idea about what is sustainable construction and its advantages, let’s now move on to the next question – what are the kind of sustainable materials used for construction? Nuvoco is one of the few companies that have ventured into sustainable constructions and has quite a few modern building materials that are easy to use.

• Anti-bacterial putty

The inside of the house is finally where the individual stays and that makes all the difference. Having a clean and anti-microbial space becomes essential, especially for families with aged parents/relatives or infants. Anti-microbial wall putty not only ensures that your house is free from the development of microalgae, fungi, lichens and mosses, it also provides a clean, safe and bacteria-proof breathing space. One such example is Zero M Germicheck, developed using food-grade anti-microbial additive, it makes your environment completely safe and bacteria-free.

• Polymer Putty

Polymer Putty is another innovative construction material that benefits the environment. Polymer putty works on strengthening the overall concrete structures with the help of fiber-reinforced polymers. It ensures that the building is free of cracks and breakages over a while. The use of polymer putty provides a protective layer for your paint job and ensures a reduction in long-term infrastructure management. The Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty from Nuvoco is one such product that offers superior coverage and saves your walls, year after year.

• Building Blocks

Building blocks are sustainable over a long time. In addition to this, building blocks also add to the stability of the overall structure. Depending on the size of the structure, they are known to reduce the overall building cost by approximately 15 per cent or more. Nuvoco builds premium plastic cover blocks that are strong, lightweight and uniform, and add to the stability of your sustainable construction.

Innovative construction methods that benefit the environment

Additionally, sustainable construction is not just about using the right materials; but also about ensuring that you use the right building methods to enhance and support sustainability in construction. These methods include –

  • Eliminating materials for the reduction in waste generation
  • Providing proper waste management, i.e., separating the recyclable waste.
  • Constructing green buildings
  • Redevelopment of old structures instead of building new ones.
  • Proper and effective management of construction sites to reduce the negative impacts on the environment
  • Waste management, consisting of on-site wastewater management/water treatment, no smoking, recycling food containers, etc.
  • Energy Conservation


The very important point is that sustainable construction or eco-construction can display the company’s sense of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is a way for the company to demonstrate how it contributes to positively impacting society.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

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