A simple way to give your surroundings an artistic touch

Date: 24 Mar, 2020

You spend loads on the interiors of your home, but what about the surroundings like your driveway, pathways and swimming pool decks, etc. These surfaces add more beauty to your home and make it more attractive and inviting. As your driveways or pathways are the things people see before entering your home, why not give it a makeover so that people admire your aesthetic sense even before they see your wonderful home. And renovating your surroundings not necessarily be an expensive affair. With stamped concrete, it is simple, easy and cost-effective too. Let’s get familiar with stamped concrete and its benefits.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Any concrete that’s textured or imprinted is known as Stamped Concrete. You can add a rustic touch to your surroundings by replicating stones, brick or wood textures.
The choice of patterns and colours with stamped concrete are limitless making it a perfect option for beautifying patios, pool decks, driveways and more. Additionally, it’s an affordable paving option that requires less maintenance and is more durable compared to other materials.

How is applying stamped concrete different from applying regular concrete?

There are three procedures used in stamped concrete that separate it from other concrete.

  • Addition of a base colour
  • Addition of an accent colour
  • Stamping a pattern into the concrete

These three procedures provide stamped concrete with the desired colour and shape.

What are the pros and cons of using stamped concrete?


  • Cost-effective compared to natural stone, brick or pavers
  • Adds an artistic touch to outdoor spaces
  • Limitless choice of patterns and colours
  • Slip-resistant when treated with a non-skid additive
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to maintain when sealed


  • Minor shrinkage cracks might occur
  • Needs regular cleaning and resealing to maintain its pattern and colour
  • Since it’s one uniform surface, repairs can be difficult
  • Cannot be installed without the assistance of a contractor

Why is stamped concrete better compared to other materials?

Customization: No other surface offers limitless pattern and colour choices as compared to stamped concrete.

Maintenance: As the colour and sealer are stamped on the concrete, it can wear off over a while. Even though stamped concrete is known to last for decades, it requires minimal maintenance to avoid fading of colour, the appearance of cracks and to stop the growth of foliage between them.

Installation: Stamped concrete installation is faster than setting natural stone or paver blocks.

Price: Stamped concrete costs considerably less than installing natural stone surfaces; although some lower-end paver options may initially have a lower price, they end up costing more in the long run due to maintenance, repair or replacement.

One perfect option when considering stamped concrete for your surrounding is Nuvoco’s Artiste – Decorative Craft Concrete. Available in 5 amazing variants namely – Hue, Coarse, Engrave, Bare and Lumos; it offers great looks, outstanding performance, and is available in a wide variety of textures and colours. Nuvoco’s Artiste boasts of completing more than 300+ projects successfully across the country. So you can rest assured as Nuvoco is one of the topmost manufacturers of the best stamped concrete in India. To know more about Artiste, visit:

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd, a Nirma Group company, started operations in India in 1999 via acquisitions. Nirma Group forayed into the cement business in 2014 through a greenfield cement plant in Nimbol. Thereafter, we have grown the cement business, through acquisition of the Indian cement business of LafargeHolcim in 2016 and NU Vista (formerly Emami Cement Limited) in 2020. Read More



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