Know how you can make a water-resistant building

Date: 27 Jan, 2021

It is sometimes a pity when waterproofing faults mar the most beautiful houses. No matter how much you protect the interiors, the protection and the water shielding that needs to be done for the building is even more critical. So how to do waterproofing? Or what waterproofing methods in construction can be used?

What happens in the case of leakages in the building?

Firstly, let us try to understand precisely why building waterproofing is important? Leakages in the building lead to dampness in the overall structure. This dampness, in turn, leads to the formation and growth of various moulds and microbes, which can further cause harm to us in the form of allergies, asthma and various respiratory disorders.

Other than health problems, without the right waterproofing in the construction, you would see issues like blistering and flaking of paint and even cracks the structure. It is very safe to say that leakages can lead to health problems and even problems in the structure’s overall strength at the end of the day.

There are various waterproofing techniques or waterproofing methods that can be implemented during the construction of the building. Let us look at some of these solutions.

Concrete is one of the most critical elements of the structure. If the correct waterproofing is not used for the same, then the concrete’s shrinking can cause the water to seep and spread throughout the structure through capillary action. This leads to the weakening of the entire structure. Using the right waterproofing cement as a part of the waterproofing solution ensures that the TMT bars are protected from corrosion. Hence using waterproofing cement as a part of the waterproofing materials is the best idea. Nuvoco is one of the companies that sells, the best waterproofing cement. It ensures that you don’t have to worry about what water-resistant building materials need to be just used like any other concrete. This water-resistant material is used especially for the building’s foundation and structure.

Another critical part of the waterproofing techniques is having the best waterproofing solution for the basement areas, the roof, and the walls. Cracks and a leaking roof are common problems for both old and new constructions. For this kind of waterproofing applications, you can check for materials that have the following advantages –

• Sustainability
• Durability
• Corrosion-protection
• Takes care of damp walls and peeling of plaster on walls
• Helps in the prevention of penetration of harmful chemicals
• Adds strength to the overall structure

Another best waterproofing solutions available in the market is ZERO M Water Shield that just needs to be mixed in the cement. Once mixed, you are ready to go.

Any waterproofing technique’s main drawback is the inability to stand the atrocities of nature. Harsh environmental conditions are often known to affect the waterproofing solution’s quality and durability. It also becomes a challenge to get the right water-resistant building materials compound to be used in the cement with the right bonding. Zero M Acrylic Power by Nuvoco is the waterproofing solution needed in this case. It is designed to withstand the environment’s harsh conditions and ensure long-lasting protection. Thus making it a complete waterproofing solution.


Water leakages within the building structure can cause some severe damage to the design of the building. It can cause moulds and flaking of the paints; and decay in wooden constructions. Additionally, water seeps into the cracks causing them to get more expansive due to expansion in the cold climates. Without the exemplary waterproofing work, you can look at problems all year-round and not just during the monsoons. Sub-standard waterproofing could affect the entire structure’s permanence. Hence, it is essential to emphasize that the best waterproofing solutions are used during construction with the right waterproofing materials.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

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