How to achieve roof repairing without compromising its waterproofing

Date: 21 Jun, 2018

Want to fix a roof without hampering water proofing?

Do we want a zero compaction based solution?

Can there be concrete roofing with good thermal insulation?

The solution provided to a foremost institution for the above-mentioned pain points.

One of Chandigarh’s biggest BMW showrooms – Krishna Automobiles, decided to revamp their roof. But all they knew was the age old traditional solution of brickbat coba (BBC) for the top slab of the roof. But BBC has its disadvantages:

  • Consistent (125-150)mm thickness is maintained at all times causing unnecessary load on the roof structure
  • Any water seepage through cracks will need patchwork but in a live working environment that is impossible to detect & repair. If water is arrested between layers it will pose a bigger hazard in due course of time.
  • Removing the BBC structure is labourious and can often hamper the surface area of the final product

Chandigarh is also susceptive to very erratic weather conditions and can run to both extremes. Hence insulation and water proofing both need to be on point. Nuvoco presented the perfect solution for the client’s needs with XLITE.

We supplied 120 m3 of XLite for roof overlay. The thermal insulation advantage of XLite won over the client. Additionally XLite does not required any compaction and free flowing so water proofing layer can remain safe and last longer, therefore the roof gets reduced structural weight, low density and thermal efficient concrete which has good permeability with quick turnaround time and consistent quality.

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