Essential checklist for new house construction

Date: 1 Feb, 2021

Building a house is a dream practically everyone sees. However, building your own home is not a cakewalk. There are a lot of details that need to be looked into. Some of us might not even see the plot and buy it. That’s not how you plan to build your own home; especially when you are looking to stay there. Wondering if there is a list of things to consider before building a house in India? Well, there is!

Checklist of things to consider before building a house in India

Let us now start from the basics.

1. Selecting the plot

A primary step to building a house is selecting the right plot. There are quite a few things that you will need to be kept in mind, to ensure that you are not cheated.
• In whose name is the land registered?
• Is there any loan taken from the bank against the plot or the property for any reason, like builder construction?
• Is the plot or the land registered as “NA-residential”?
• What is the FSI of the plot?
• If it is a project that you are investing in with a certain builder, check the builder’s credentials. What other past projects has the builder worked on? Was there any problem or conflict?
• When will the exact sale deed be available?
• Is it possible to get the 7/12 extract in the name of the buyer?
• Is the plot flat or located on a slope?
• What is the maintenance that needs to be paid annually for the plot?
• Are the basic amenities like water, electricity, and so on available?

2. Plan your budget

The budget is not some arbitrary number that comes to your head. Certain things need to be kept in mind for that. Hence, building the house as close to the budget as possible requires planning and research about the building construction process from start to finish in India. However, when it comes to estimating the overall material cost, you don’t need to worry as Nuvoco Home Assist, has the solution to estimate construction material cost.

3. Designing the house plans

Another extremely essential item to construct a house is having the plans prepared for the house. The initial plans are for ensuring the stability of the structure. Get a knowledgeable architect to work on the plans and try to get rough sketches done to suggest changes/amendments that you need. You can refer some modern house plans/ luxury house plans designed by experienced architects & engineers to get better ideas and inspiration.

4. Keeping tabs on the latest innovations in building construction

Check with the contractor or the architect on the latest technologies and latest innovations in building construction. Thus, you can ensure the protection of the house in the long run and save the costs as far as the items of work in building construction are concerned.

5. Checking on the labour costs and expenditure

The labour costs and expenditure need to be discussed right at the beginning. Also, ensure that there is a well-designed plan in place, so that the labour costs don’t increase.

6. Designing the interiors

Right from the start of the construction, you must have a clear idea of the kind of furniture you want to put in. This ensures that the space in the house is well managed and there are no blockages of doorways once the furniture comes in.

7. Keeping an eye on the work being done

Last, but not the least, this is one of the most crucial house construction tips. Irrespective, whether you have hired a contractor or an interior designer or even if you are working with the laborers directly for that matter, keep an eye out to ensure that things are progressing as planned and if there are any delays, are they valid. Understand that delays in building your own home can lead to additional costs and an unnecessary increase in the budget.


When it comes to building a house, it is important to understand that – “Haste makes waste”. Take your time when it comes to selecting the plot. Ensure that you make the relevant enquiries and have a basic plan in place, it means have a generic idea and some basic knowledge about how to construct the house. Nuvoco Home Assist is one place that can guide you right from viewing and customizing the plans based on your requirement to helping you with the various steps in the construction process. Even to the extent of helping you understand the challenges, you might face and finally help you stay within the budget.

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