How to ensure overall safety at work when handling skip ropes?

Date: 11 Dec, 2017

The key aspects to be considered for a solution are:

  • In concrete plants even the simplest things have risks attached.
  • Lubrication of a skip rope attracts the risks associated with all rolling industrial objects.
  • Cardium compound lubrication is applied on skip ropes by hand.
  • Sudden accidents can occur if someone starts rolling the rope mid lubrication.
  • Accidents could also be fatal in nature depending on circumstances.

The solutions derived for above pain points while ensuring safety at all times:

Skip rope is an integral part of the entire process of construction. These are used to pull the skip bucket in a batching plant at Nuvoco. With the rope and bucket mechanism, materials can be moved to produce concrete and transport it up and down. Therefore it is all the more necessary that the rope qualifies all quality standards to ensure that there is no disruption in the production process.

In order to function without any glitches, a skip rope should be of good quality, lubricated frequently and handled with care.

To overcome this, Nuvoco has installed a production best practice which is installing a barricade around skip rope roll in order to eliminate the risk of falling and the hassles faced during maintenance and lubrication. This ensures a safe place for workers to handle materials which our future infrastructures depend on.

This is keeping in line with Nuvoco’s values towards shaping a safer, healthier and sustainable future. To know more about our values click here:

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