How to ensure that new joiners are in-tune with the company values?

Date: 3 Jan, 2018

The key aspects to be considered for a solution are:

  • Need for a Safety Handbook to refer to during the course of service
  • Awareness about the various safety procedures and their reasons in a new place of work
  • Being in sync with the organizational values
  • Basic knowhow about company protocols and safety standards.

 The solutions derived for above pain points while ensuring safety at all times:

A stitch in time saves nine; Prevention is better than cure; these are all age old adages that hold true for any company in the cement and construction sector. Due to this a lot of emphasis has been laid on industry best practices, operational safety standards and compliances. To cater to this growing need in the industry, we have empowered all our new joiners with a detailed induction to the Safety Training Matrix that will help them work their way around the organization and their specific area of operations.

‘Care’ is one of the defining values of Nuvoco. The health and safety of our stakeholders, employees and customers are of utmost importance. It is a responsibility that everyone at Nuvoco understands and takes seriously. Our aim at Nuvoco is ZERO Harm, and achieving that goal should be every employee’s target. Taking a step towards this direction is Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP), which has developed a Safety Training Matrix Implementation and Tracking Programme for new joiners.

This Safety Training Matrix for New Joiners is in sync with Nuvoco’s values towards shaping a safer, healthier and sustainable future. To know more about our values click here:

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