Discover the Advantages of Using Stamped Concrete Flooring for Your Portico or Backyard

Date: 25 Apr, 2020

Are you thinking of upgrading your backyard or portico and create a customized look? You could consider using amazingly beautiful stamped concrete flooring. While creating the flooring, the concrete is poured conventionally; however, it is tinted in hues preferred by you before pouring it out on the floor so that your flooring seems like just a single uniform color all over the portico or the backyard. Once the concrete has been poured, it would be stamped effectively with a specific design that could resemble tiles, stones, bricks, or something else. The result would be a naturally attractive custom portico or backyard with assured benefits.

Stamped Concrete Production Method

Concrete coating and stamping are incredibly popular home improvements carried out by contractors and homeowners. Usually, the concrete stamping process is carried out seamlessly along with installations of fresh new concrete walkways, driveways, backyard, and porticos. Once you are all set and the forms are strategically placed, dyes could be added into the concrete. Then concrete is poured with the use of diverse tools and devices for creating the desired and customized look. These designs could be ranging from a blue slate to a cobblestone.

Designs & Color Choices

As the concrete would be poured at the construction site, it is bound to be amenable to numerous diverse customization choices. The concrete could be colored for matching the pool, complementing the exterior of your house including your portico or the backyard. You could construct a new portico flooring using concrete that could be stamped in whatever designs you like, leaving you with unlimited design choices. You could choose a reliable stamped concrete supplier in India for creating a wonderful portico flooring or overhauling your backyard.

Longevity & Exceptional Performance

A stamped concrete portico or backyard would be serving you really well for several years at a stretch. It would not be sinking unevenly and would be robust enough to withstand heavy outdoor furniture for your backyard, major traffic, and demands of pets and kids. If you are looking for a portico or a backyard to perform flawlessly without any hitches for a long time, stamped concrete flooring could be the right choice.

Quick & Easy Installation

It is much easier and quicker to install stamped concrete flooring as compared to other floorings for your portico. It could be installed much faster than paver or natural stone porticos since it would be going down as a slab and would necessitate less labor. Hence, your backyard or your portico would be out of bounds for less time. You could resume your normal activities very quickly.


Stamped concrete flooring is quite luxurious in appearance but needs to be resealed every other year. It is less costly as compared to other flooring options. You could create a custom look for your backyard or portico without burning a hole in your pocket.

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