Different types of decorative concrete and their benefits

Date: 14 Jun, 2021

Have you ever noticed the plain grey concrete around the house, More than often, seeing it around the driveway and on patios is where plain concrete is quite visible. Mainly used in areas prone to constant movement and a lot of wear and tear over time. Sometimes depressing and sometimes extremely joyful. There are various benefits of concrete; however, it can be high maintenance. Ever wondered – what if we can replace the plain grey concrete with something that is beautiful, low maintenance and adds a touch of exquisiteness? Yes, it is possible. You can now use stamped concrete floors or decorative concrete flooring that can change everything when we say “floors.”

Types of decorative concrete

Today with the kind of fast-forward lifestyles we lead, we want everything to be beautiful and low maintenance and durable. As we all know, when there is a demand, there needs to be a supply to meet it. The market for something low maintenance and attractive gave rise to the different concrete flooring types, like decorative concrete or the stamped concrete floors. In addition to this, concrete decorations can be of various styles, colors and can also include multiple design elements. Why would you want to decorative concrete? For the simple reason, that decorative concrete can quickly change the aesthetics of your house. Other than increasing the aesthetic value of your home, let’s talk about some other benefits of the different types of concrete –

• Innumerable varieties

Every individual is different, and hence the requirement for every house changes; the same applies to decorative concrete flooring. Depending on how you need the look to be and the usage of concrete decorations, the customized decorative concrete flooring is available in various options, like

  • Textured concrete decorations — With Textured concrete decorations, you can easily have them either smooth or patterned or groove or even stenciled or engraved.
  • Stamped concrete decorations — The beauty of stamped concrete decorations is that you can easily have them imitate the look of any material of your choice, i.e., stone, brick, wood, shells, and any material that you can imagine.
  • Colored concrete decorations — If you don’t want the stamped or textured concrete decorations, you can always go for the simple variation and have it colored – plain or tinted.
• Low maintenance and easy application

When it comes to decorative concrete, the best part of using it is how easily it can be cleaned and maintained. You can easily either mop all types of concrete flooring to remove the dirt or even wax them once a year. Additionally, even seal any outdoor concrete surfaces once every four to five years.

• Damage Resistant

One thing that needs to be understood is that our plain, grey concrete cannot withstand too much wear and tear. Even something as simple as dragging furniture or regular walking over the pavements can cause the concrete to wear off. However, you can move heavy furniture without worry when it comes to stamped concrete floors. Hence, we can easily say that the decorative concrete floors are more resistant to damage by scratching, scuffing, or even chipping.

Nuvoco is a stamped concrete manufacturer with an entire range called “Artiste,” with various decorative concrete floors ready for multiple projects.


Everyone wants their property to look attractive and beautiful. However, it is often the maintenance that freaks people out. Now with the wide range of decorative concrete from the stamped concrete manufacturer, like Nuvoco, you can be assured of beauty and low maintenance together. Everyone can use Nuvoco’s Artiste range of decorative concrete, including house owners, developers, town planners, architects, and landscapers. Check out the Nuvoco’s Artiste range of stamped concrete floors for any of your construction projects.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

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