The common types of building material used in construction

Date: 17 Mar, 2021

As humans, we tend to neglect the things that don’t capture our fascination or don’t interest us, and this mainly applies to construction materials.

We all love decorating our dream home with the right colours and the right furniture. However, when it comes to the basic that is the types of materials used in building construction, we don’t pay much attention to it and tend to leave it mostly to the contractor or the architect that is getting the work done. And, if not most, we see the effect of this disinterest or negligence after a few years.

Importance of Understanding The Types of Materials used in Construction

The first thing to understand is that technology has impacted every facet of our lives, whether we know it or not? That means as we speak, even the building materials in civil engineering are undergoing constant change.

For example, earlier, you had to be highly skilled and needed to know the exact proportion of construction materials to ensure that the building has the right strength and durability. Now with technology, there are modern materials used in construction. Most of these modern materials are in the form of premixes that need to be mixed with the right quantity of water, and you are all set, even to the extent that the premixes will change based on the type of construction.

These modern materials save the time and effort required to acquire the right materials and labour for the task. Also, since these are tested products and have exact proportions prepared by machines, you are ensured about the quality and the durability of the construction over a long period.

Necessary Materials used in construction

Below is a list of materials used in building construction –


Cement is one of the most basic and most frequently used items for construction. It is nothing but a binder that helps hold the materials used in construction together. Even though it is one of the most critical materials, cement is rarely used on its own. There is always a mixture of sand and gravel used along with cement. However, with technology making changes possible, even cement mixtures are infused with multiple elements that add to the construction’s overall durability and life. One of the best examples of the same is Nuvoco; a company that believes innovation is the key to building a lifetime.
Nuvoco produces various cement products that combine building materials and their uses to address any construction issues. For example, Duraguard Waterseal Cement is one of Nuvoco’s premium product that contains Damp Lock Formula Guards. These Damp Lock Formula Guards help against dampness, right from the foundation to the roof.


Concrete is also known as the “material of the future”. The combination of aggregates, sand and cement is what concrete is made up of. Even when the right amount of hydration is supplied, concrete hardening is equivalent to that of a stone. Concrete has also seen the impacts of technology. Ready-mix concretes are the next-generation technologies that construction sites are looking at. This ready-mix concrete ensures high-quality construction along with rapidness in the completion of the task. Ready-mix concrete also ensures quick transportation in easy-to-use packaging quantities. Nuvoco is one such company that provides ready-to-use concrete with the infusion of modern materials. For example, there is a range of Instamix (ready-to-use bagged concrete) that has high productivity, is easy to use and easy to pour with 35 kg bags. Polibre concrete controls Micro-Cracks, shrinkage and so on.

Modern Building Materials

In addition to the variety of materials used in construction, many materials come with a modern-day twist. There are water shields, plastic cover blocks, and so on that add to the construction’s life, protecting it from issues that would have ideally affected the structure much sooner than expected. Nuvoco is one of the innovation leaders that has added a wide variety of modern materials to this list; right from Water Shield to Germicheck to Platosmart and even BondAid.


The composition of the materials varies depending on the kind of construction. For example, the materials used in road construction and the materials used in building construction would be completely different. The base would remain the same; however, the composition of the construction materials would vary. The same applies to different types of buildings; depending on the building, the materials used in building construction would defer. It is imperative to have basic knowledge of the list of materials used in building construction as the use of time, efforts, and money is well-rewarded by the lifetime durability of the structure.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

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