Why the Brick Bat Coba Technique Is Not an Ideal Solution for Terrace Waterproofing?

Date: 8 Jun, 2020

Terrace water leakage is the most common concern of homeowners these days, which affects the structural integrity of buildings. Therefore, overlooking water seepage problems in new building constructions and resorting to temporary solutions will lead to instant or long-term leakage issues. That is the reason why you need the best quality concrete for waterproofing as well as heat insulation of your roof.

The Brick Bat Coba (BBC) perceived as waterproofing as well as an insulation remedy for homes, is not an ideal solution. Here is why:

Too much load

BBC has a thickness ranging between 125mm – 150mm that can accumulate unwanted weight on your roof or terrace. A bulky surface is not an ideal solution as far as waterproofing or heat insulation is concerned. To be candid, if moisture leaks via BBC, the solid surface serves as a water basin, thus not letting the water evaporate fast.

You will need concrete material that is light and cuts back the dead load on your existing roof structure for waterproofing and heat insulation. For example, Xlite low-density concrete boosts thermal insulation.

BBC has extreme rigidness

Usually, cracks manifest in the BBC waterproofing method because of climate changes. Your home terrace is susceptible to temperature fluctuations needs more flexibility. If you are thinking that some patchwork or grouting in the cracks will help, you are mistaken. It is a temporary solution. The water leakage might stop for a few months but start again.

That is why you would need lightweight concrete, which is flexible and easy to place on your terrace and spread. It ensures even distribution providing steady coverage over a large roof surface at a single time, eliminating the hazards of inappropriate distribution of concrete as well as cracks.

BBC hard or impossible to mend

When water seeps beneath BBC, it finds its ways wherever the cracks find a way, and homeowners cannot foresee the crack sources on BBC, which calls for repair work. Many homeowners do patchwork but that is barely an ideal solution.

Lightweight concrete is durable and requires little maintenance compared to BBC. There is no risk of cracks associated with light concrete. Therefore, all you need to do is choose a waterproofing material that lasts long and is easy to maintain.

Removal of BBC is time-consuming

If you have BBC installed and need to remove the same from your whole roof, the process is extremely long and requires much labour and effort. Some portions of the BBC are attached to the mother surface so perfectly that it would take much hard work to remove it and that might damage your terrace surface.

When it comes to lightweight concrete for terrace waterproofing, little labour is required to manage blocks, brickbats, foaming chemicals, sand, and cement. The labour cost is also less for movement and placement. Light concrete is the best material for terrace waterproofing and heat insulation.

Final words

Use light concrete material to make your terrace waterproof, durable, and strong. The material is flexible, easy to install and ensures apt heat insulation. Make your roof water-resistant and leak-proof with Xlite – low-density concrete.


Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

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