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  • Total solution provider
  • Range of Artiste products for various applications
  • Artiste concrete for high strength & lesser cracks possibility
  • Many color & pattern options
  • Expert team of application & technical support team
  • UV resistance chemicals applied as per required quantity.
  • Quick Installation & Timely handover

Customer Benefits

  • Highly durable, long life of the floor.
  • Aesthetically attractive & creative
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Anti slip & Stain resistance property
  • Reduced long-term maintenance and care.
  • Less labor intensive than other surface materials.
  • Increased longevity
  • Increases resale value of property
  • Value for money

Cleaning & Maintenance

Doing a General Cleaning

Sweep the surface –

The first step in cleaning a stamped concrete surface is removing loose dirt and grime from the surface. Use a broom to remove loose debris from the concrete. If it is an outdoor surface, you can use a leaf blower for extra assistance.

Wet mop the surface –
For regular cleaning of stamped concrete surfaces, a weekly wet mopping is usually sufficient. After sweeping the floor, dip a rope or foam mop into a bucket of warm water. Thoroughly mop the floor, rinsing the mop regularly. Make sure you change the mopping water when it becomes dirty

Try mild detergent –
If water is not enough to clean your stamped concrete surface, you can add a nonabrasive cleanser to your mopping water. A few drops of dish soap, laundry detergent, or other mild detergent is usually enough to create an effective cleaning solution. Avoid chemical-based cleaners as these can dull the surface.

Addressing Tough Stains

Consider pressure (120 Bars) washing outdoor surfaces – If water and mild detergent are not effective, you can use a pressure washer to remove tough stains from a stamped concrete surface. Pressure washing can help remove tire marks, leaf stains, and grease spots. Try renting a pressure washer at your local hardware store

Maintaining a Stamped Concrete Surface

Sweep or dry dust mop the surface weekly – Once you clean a stamped concrete surface, it is important to keep it free from dirt, leaves, and other debris that might scratch the surface. Use a broom, leaf blower, or garden hose to remove debris weekly.

Reseal the surface every 2-3 years – Sealer will protect the color and sheen of your stamped concrete surface. Apply sealer to stamped concrete surfaces every 2-3 years to help block penetrating dirt, dust, and stains and protect against wear and abrasion.

Keep these things in mind

  • Do your paintings work (if any) before starting of Artiste application. Artiste floor should be covered by the thick plastic sheet or POP before doing any painting and other renovation work.
  • Do use a gentle cleaning product if you must use one when washing a stamped surface. The cleaner should be able to remove stubborn dirt on the surface & in between the grooves without damaging it.
  • Do use a garden hose to rinse the stamped area after washing it. The gentle flow of water will be enough to remove soap & dirt without the sealer.
  • Do reseal your stamp concrete spaces every 2/3 years. If those areas experience high traffic, reseal it a bitter sooner than that. This will ensure that the concrete is protected from harmful elements.

Make sure to avoid these

  • Don’t water plants with fertilizers especially if they near to stamped concrete patio or driveway.
  • Don’t use pressure washer unless necessary. The pressure of the water could affect damage the stamped surface.
  • Don’t use boring/hard water for washing the stamped concrete surfaceDon’t do any activity like welding while sealer work is going on as the sealer is flammable solvent
  • Don’t drag equipment or furniture on the stamped concrete .the sharp edges & weight could scratch the sealer or chip the surface.
  • Don’t use any kind of acid based chemical to remove the stains.Any kind of paint stain can’t be removed from the concrete.
  • Don’t allow to work multiple vendors simultaneously at site.
  • Don’t allow any foot & vehicular movement immediately after Applying the sealer. there should be minimum 72 hours gap after the Sealer application.

Decorative concrete with a variety of options in textures and colors for a finishing that is aesthetic, durable and economical.


1. Why M30 grade for Artiste & why 75 mm min thickness?

Ans: It’s designed for a 30+MPa compressive strength and to have higher binder content. To attain a durable product min 75 mm thickness is required. Ramps and Driveways needs higher thickness as per requirement

2. What is the sub base condition that is required for placing the concrete?

Ans: We require a sub base which should not settle under any circumstances. For a good compacted sub base we suggest to check the Proctor Density to be in the range of >95 and CBR value should be 5 or more. If sub-base is not proper settlement will happen and cracks may appear on floor.

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