Ready Mix Portfolio
Our ready-mix concrete is trusted alike by large developers, small contractors, builders, architects, government agencies, and individual house builders who are building their first dream home. There are three reasons why ours is the most preferred ready-mix concrete in India: Consistent quality of concrete produced in automated batching plants; under stringent quality conditions. On-time delivery. Wide range of innovative value added products to help customers save time and money.



- Quality Control
- Expertise to manage all technical issues
- On site testing Laboratory
Apart from standard concrete, we have many value added products as well. Each product is unique on its own and serve a proper purpose. So as per the requirement we will suggest/consult with you about products which will be a fit for the very requirement.
We provide end to end solution for projects. So you don't have to plan at all, all you need to do is to tell us your requirement and we will from very scratch. Our own engineers will visit the site, will take proper actions and will execute the task accordingly.
- Service Aggregates
- Bagged Concrete
- Mobile Crusher
- O&M of concrete assets
- Placing & Finishing
- Optimised operations that ensure customer costing saving
- Worry free management
- One stop sourcing capability
- Co-creation of innovative solutions
- Global Innovation Centers
- Specification Engineer
- Dedicated team to support
- Reliability in Project Execution
We do not only sell products, we deliver as per your convenience as well. All you need to do is let us know the location of delivery and we will take care of the rest.
- World Class safety & risk management systems
- Environmental awareness and management system

Why Us

Assured Quality

When it comes to the different aspects of construction, Nuvoco RMX does not compromise on quality. A lot of effort goes into every creation so our products make sure that you are assured the best in quality when it comes to realising your dream construction.

Right on Time

We guarantee you delivery of products right on time so that you don’t get delayed in your work. The convenience of punctuality ensures that you can organise your work accordingly to minimize labour and costs.

Always Innovative

A creative construction cannot materialise without products that are unique. That is why Nuvoco RMX provides an extensive range of concrete that can solve any problem you might be faced with. We are always innovative.

Prestigious Projects

Construction Development and
Innovation Centre (CDIC), Mumbai

Bring innovation closer to markets, accelerate and innovate locally through system developments.
We operate out of an eco-system of 17,000 sq. ft. to innovate for the construction industry in a sustainable manner.

Our Artiste projects

NUVOCO'S RMX Presence in India