The Mega Series

The Mega Series range of concrete products caters to a wide range of our customers’ unique technical requirements for specific applications.

Types of Mega Concrete

Mega Delay Set Concrete

USP: Concrete with longer retention up to 6 hours - No adverse effects on performance

Application: - Tunnels, chimneys, RCC columns - Especially suited for job sites at long distances or in congested traffic conditions

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Mega Early Strength Concrete

USP: Achieves full strength in 3-7 days - Increases cycle time considerably

Application: - Post-tension, flat slabs - Pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete - Large ceilings without beams

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Mega Fill Concrete

USP: Low strength, easy-to-pump lean concrete - Shortens construction time

Application: - Filling backs, trenches, plinths - PCC - Foundation for buildings and pavements or as Plum Concrete

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Mega Fluid Concrete

USP: High flow cohesive concrete - Easy pumping, high workability, low segregation

Application: - Piling concrete - Retaining walls, shear walls, rafts and areas with difficult access - High rise pumping (up to 40m high)

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Mega High Strength Concrete

USP: High grade, high performance concrete - Thinner section for the same load capacity – increases usable floor space

Application: - High rise structural requirements - Pre-stressed concrete, infrastructure like bridge girders, deck slabs, piers

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Mega Light Weight Concrete

USP: Low density (600-1800 kg/m3) - Reduces structural weight - Lower thermal conductivity

Application: - Slope maintenance for terrace overlay systems - Replacement of brickbat coba and screed - Filling of sunken portions, back filling, void filling, etc - Thermal insulation

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Mega Polyfiber Concrete

USP: Crack-resistant concrete - Good cohesive concrete with better finish

Application: - Screed, parking lots, society roads, walkways, car porches - Flat and sloping roof slabs, beams, ultra thin slabs and walls, shear walls

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Mega SteelFiber Concrete

USP: Eliminates reinforcements in slabs on grade - Saves cost and time

Application: - Industrial floors, commercial floors like warehouses and showrooms, heavy load access pavements - Housing pavements, internal pavements, parking lots

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Mega Temp Control Concrete

USP: Reduces thermal differential cracks in mass concrete and increases the durability of the structure - Concrete temperature <=32°C

Application: - Construction of structures exposed to extreme weather conditions - Mass concrete – foundations and rafts having thickness > 500 mm

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