• MAITREE is a programme specially designed for our dealers.
  • It is our way of recognizing their contribution to Nuvoco, strengthening the relationship that we share and taking it to the next level.
  • It is a rewards and recognition programme aimed at motivating dealers to achieve new heights, both in terms of business growth and personal milestones.
  • It enables dealers to earn and redeem accrued points. Points may be accumulated through monthly lifting volumes and special schemes. Dealers are provided an opportunity to earn incremental points through various targets and incentives.
  • It also serves as a communication platform for the dealers to interact with Nuvoco on a regular basis and exchange ideas so that we can understand each others’ needs and aspirations a lot better, thereby making us come closer and prosper together.



A Nuvoco dealer can become a member of MAITREE, only if they attain the minimum qualifying tonnage and submit the enrolment form.


Points earned by members are an indicator of their performance. A Member earns points based on his purchases of Nuvoco Cement brands. The more Nuvoco bags a member purchases, the more points he earns. To facilitate points earning, several other earning opportunities are provided to the members.

Every member is informed about their point earnings and point balance through their monthly MAITREE Points Statement.



Maitree members get insurance benefit for themselves and their family members basis their volume performances.


An updated Rewards Catalogue showcases a wide selection of rewards that members can choose from. The member can redeem their points for rewards through three