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Good Practice: Implementing LOTOTO on gas cylinder

Gas cylinder has many uses – welding, cutting, heating, straightening, and descaling. The equipment is versatile, easy to move and cheap. It is so widely used that sometimes people forget about the dangers one of them being used by unauthorised person which can lead to serious injury and even damage to property. To avoid any such incidents RMX Vizag plant came up with a simple solution wherein they authorized the welder and gave him the LOTOTO lock key.

World Heart Day celebrations

World Heart Day was celebrated at Arasmeta (ACP) and Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP) health centre. Around 150 people were screened at ACP and their cardiac risk profiling was done by an online tool ASCVD developed by American College of Cardiology. Dr. Abhishek Pandey (Chief Medical Officer) conducted the cardiac risk profiling. At SCP medical staff member’s organised camp for minimizing cardiac risk. Blood pressure and sugar testing was also done.

Training on confined space standard

Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) organised training on confined space standard. The objective of this training was to make the participants aware about the concept of confined space standard, number of available confined space and safety rules. Around 39 employees participated in the program. A small quiz was conducted at the end of the training to enhance the learning of the participants.

Training on LOTOTO

Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) organised training program on LOTOTO. Through this training the concept of energy isolation was also made to understand to the participants, stimulated the participants for reinforcing their efforts on site for eradicating unsafe activities. Around 22 people attended the training.

Training on conveyor equipment safety

Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) conducted training on conveyor equipment safety. The objective of the training was to make the participants aware about the concept of conveyor equipment safety. Around 22 employees participated in the program which was followed by a small quiz to enhance the learning of the participants.

JCP performed Nukkad Natak

Jojobera Cement Plant organised a small Nukkad Natak on ‘An Importance of Job Based SOP’s and Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)’. The skit was presented by contract workmen working in canteen and housekeeping. They acted and displayed the various activities which are carried on daily basis in canteen and also the identification of the risk involved and its remedies.

Training on electrical safety and energy isolation

One day training on electrical safety and energy isolation was organised at Ahmedabad for RMX employees. It focused on safe practices at plant, importance of energy isolation while performing maintenance work, types of electrical hazards and prevention of such hazards. Participants were also given hands on training during the session. The training was facilitated by Ashwin Patel – Area P&M manager.

Big cleaning day celebration at RMX plants Kolkata

RMX Kolkata business have started a new initiative wherein they have started celebrating big cleaning day on every Saturday at all the RMX plants of Kolkata, To make it more impactful one message from any of the plant employee’s family member is incorporated in the teaser sent by HR.


Keeping in view the importance of road safety awareness, two batches of Defensive Driving Training (DDT) was organized at Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP) for company employees.

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