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Good Practice: Installation of silo filling cut off system

In Readymix when silo gets filled through bulker; at times it overflows and dust filter pipeline gets choked which leads to material wastage of one to two per cent of loaded materials. This wastage is directly proportional to volume of the respective plant. This dusting also leads to environmental concerns and challenges from neighbours.  To handle this issue, RMX Tuticorin plant has devised a simple yet effective solution – a cut off system in silo.

Corporate HSE quiz at EOO

As part of HSE month celebration and keeping with the theme of ‘Engage & Energize’; Eastern Operation Office (EOO) Kolkata organised a quiz contest on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) amongst the clients of DLF – 1 to increase awareness towards HSE. It was one hour program which was held at the DLF – 1 campus and had four teams Nestle, Vodafone, Samsung and DLF. The quiz had total three rounds. Samsung and Vodafone were declared as the winner and runners up respectively. The winners and runners up were awarded trophies whereas the other two participating teams were given memento by Dr. Prabal Bandyopadhyay, Chief HSE. This is a new initiative taken by EOO team to engage and increase HSE awareness among corporate clients in the society.

ACP conducted various activities for HSE month

Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP) conducted various activities as of HSE month celebrations like safety quiz and Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) competition among employees and contractor’s. Training session on health and hygiene was organised for colony ladies. Session was delivered by Dr. Anshu Priya Lakra (Medical Officer) and covered topics on personal hygiene and food safety and hygiene. Also a Defensive Driving Training (DDT) program was conducted for transporters drivers.

CCP conducted CSM meet

Contractor Safety Meet (CSM) was organised at Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) in which all contractor owners were invited along with CCP plant management team. In the meeting CSM Champion Amrendra Kumar (Sr. Manager Plant Inventory) shared the CSM status of all and had an open discussion. After that awards were given to best contractor in five different categories (Best PPE Compliance, Super Recognizer, Best on Tool Management, Proactive and Overall best and runners-up). Apart from this three Nuvoco Site Contractor Coordinator (NSCC) were also awarded for Most Engaged, Best NSCC as auditor and overall best NSCC.

Training on LSA @ CCP

To strengthen logistic safety a detailed session was organised for Nuvoco employees and contract workmen supervisors on Logistic Safety Advisory (LSA). The session was conducted by LSA Champion Rahul Diweker who briefed the candidates about points one should look in trucks, bulkers, dumpers and other moving vehicles. Also what precautions one should take while moving around them. It was a very interactive session and participants took utmost advantage of it. Altogether 49 employees and supervisors attended the session.

Sales and Marketing team conducted various events for HSE month

In line with the HSE month celebrations and ‘Engage & Energize’ theme, Chattisgarh Sales and Marketing team (Cement) conducted various activities involving the dealers, retailers and local public at large. To engage with the people in the town morning health checkup camp and blood donation camp was conducted. The health camp was attended by more than 100 people and it also included blood pressure test, weights along with fasting blood sugar. The blood donation was conducted in association with Model Blood Bank, Raipur and total 101 units were donated. Apart from this electrical audit, Defensive Driving Training, onsite engagements were also conducted.

Contractor health checkup

Customer Service and Sales team of Palwal (Faridabad) conducted health checkup camp in association with Drishti Eye Care hospital, Palwal. Almost 90 contractors with spouses attended the event where four expert medical teams from the hospital conducted medical tests like eye checkup / Blood Pressure / Sugar etc. Local dealers also took active participation and appreciated the initiative taken by Nuvoco.

HSE month closing held across plants

HSE month closing ceremony was held across Arasmeta (ACP), Chittorgarh (CCP) and Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP). Nukkad Natak and safety skit was performed by plant management committee members and professionals respectively. At CCP in-house cultural program comprising of drama and songs was organised. Prize distribution to the winners of different competitions like essay, slogan, quiz, poster etc was also held. The plant managers appreciated the efforts and participation shown during the month and urged the employees to continue with the good work and build a safety culture with Zero harm.

MCP organised blood donation camp

As part of HSE month, Mejia Cement Plant (MCP) organised blood donation camp in association with Bankura Medical College. Total 86 employees including contract workmen and employees voluntarily participated in the camp. A memento was given to the medical staffs of Bankura Medical College, for their efforts in conducting the camp.

MCP organised quiz competition

In line with HSE month celebrations, Mejia Cement Plant (MCP) organised a quiz competition on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).  The aim was to stimulate the HSE awareness amongst the contract workmen and further develop the safety culture and behaviour among them. The quiz competition was held in different locations of the plant. There was an overwhelming participation from the workmen.  Each winner was awarded with a testimony.

Home and kitchen safety program

As part of HSE month celebrations, Mejia Cement Plant (MCP) organised a home and kitchen safety training for village women. More than 200 village women attended the training. Different videos on home and kitchen safety were shown to the women. The trainer delivered a lecture on fire safety and explained the various types of fires and the methods of extinguishing them. The fire safety training also touched upon the important aspect of people behavior during a fire emergency and the role of fire wardens / Emergency Response Team members during such situations.

RMX Pune conducted CSAP

To create safety awareness amongst site team, RMX Pune team conducted Customer Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) at Ratnarup Project Pvt. Ltd. (RPPL). Some of the topics covered were Working At Height (WAH), risk assessment and importance of PPE. Altogether 107 members attended the program and the customer was very happy with the information that was exchanged.

Awareness program on water conservation

In view of HSE month celebrations, an awareness program on water conservation followed by an interactive quiz on environment was organised for Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP) colony ladies. In this program information on availability of fresh water, water pollution, need for water conservation and small tips on water conservation was shared.

Good Practice: Taking Loader Air Drain Valve Outside

In Readymix business wheel loaders are used for feeding the raw materials to the hopper through the Aggregate conveyors. A standard checklist was provided to the operator to check the loader daily before starting the machine. One of the activities in the check list was draining the air and water from the air tank which is located below the loader rear side. For carrying out this activity the operator has to go under the loader to pull the drain valve. In this process ergonomics hazard are there as well as approaching the valve was very difficult and not as per safety standard.

ACP and JCP Celebrated National Safety Day

National Safety Day was celebrated at Arasmeta (ACP) and Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP). The celebrations included welcome speech, flag hosting by Plant Manager, PMC members and union representatives and oath by all employees. At ACP nukkad natak was performed by production team based on HSE month theme “Engage & Energize”.

BCP Organised Basic Life Support Training at ACP

As part of HSE month celebrations, Bhiwani Cement Plant (BCP) organised basic life support training at Government Boys School. An emergency response team from Government Hospital Charkhi Dadri, was invited for imparting BLS training. The team shared knowledge with the students on how they can save a life who is critically injured in any accident, caught with fire, drowned out etc.

Training on VFL Conducted for Officers’ at ACP

Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP) conducted training session on Visual Felt Leadership (VFL) and engagement for officers. The program discussed VFL as a management action that lead people at all levels to understand and “feel” their leaders’ high standards, and accept their strong commitment to safety as being genuine for improving of HSE culture through VFL. The principals of VFL was also communicated like be visual to the organisation, be relentless about time with people, recognise self role, develop behaviour towards safety, maintain a self safety focus, continuous emphasis and clarity around safety expectations and show a passion for ZERO injuries, illnesses, and incidents.

CCP Organised WAH Rescue Training

Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) organised Working at Height (WAH) rescue training which was facilitated by Karam Training Company on safe practices to be followed during WAH jobs and rescue technique to be adopted in case any person fall. Practical sessions were also conducted and people took active participation in the activity. Altogether 58 contract workmen participated.

Family Engagement Program at EOO

As part of ongoing HSE month celebration, keeping “Engage & Energize” as the theme family engagement program was organised at Tollygunge Club, Kolkata. The program consisted of a first- aid training session by St. John’s Ambulance for employees, their spouses and children above twelve and drawing competition for children below twelve years. Practical demonstration on CPR, bandages for cuts and injuries, how to prevent choking etc and useful first aid tips were also shared by the faculty during the session. The program was concluded over lunch and gifts were also distributed to all the participants as a token of appreciation for their enthusiastic participatio.

JCP Organised Session on Home Safety and Ladies Health

As part of the ongoing safety month celebrations, Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP) organised a very interactive and knowledgeable session on home safety for all Nuvoco officer’s spouses. The session on home safety was conducted through audio/video mode to make the participants understand the different kind of hazards/risk in day to day life and also how to be minimize the risks. The second session was taken by Dr Urvashi Priya. She discussed about the common health problems which a lady may have at any phase of her life. She also had one to one discussion which the participants thus making the session very interactive and useful.

Refresher Training on VFL And Engage & Energize

Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP) organised a one day training refresher program on Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) and Engage & Energize. The training aimed at providing insight knowledge on how to do effective VFL at shop floor and how one can engage and energize the workforce. The participants also went through live demo of STAR safety system and also filled up one engagement each. The training was attended by PMC members, their teams.

Mumbai HO Organised Activities for HSE Month

As part of HSE month celebrations, Mumbai HO conducted blood donation camp and HSE quiz for all the employees. The blood donation camp was conducted in association with Mahatma Gandhi Seva Mandir Hospital and 18 employees participated in this noble cause. For HSE quiz 25 employees participated out of which five employees were adjudged as winners.

Engage & Energize Session Conducted in Chennai Business

HSE month celebration of Engage & Energize program was conducted in Chennai RMX Business to instill the importance of safety among the employees. RMX EXCOM and OPSCOM members Aaftab Irani, Head – Operations; Muralidharan N.G, Head – Quality; Munmun Dandona, Head – Projects and Supriya Samant, Head – SCM Engaged with Chennai office and business team members. Later the team gave away the hand band as a commitment for Engage & Energize.

Good Practice: Eliminating dust emission

In concrete plants one of the biggest problems is emission of dust. During unloading of cement or fly ash more dust is blown in the air from dust collector exhaust. In the short term, exposure to high levels of cement dust irritates the nose and throat. Longer term exposure could lead to occupational asthma. In Nuvoco lot of thrust is given to environment and keeping in mind the environmental impact of this dust, RMX Baddi plant team has made arrangement through a pipe for collecting the dust in closed drum which is filled with some water for arresting the dust.

Training Session on LPG Safety at ACP

On the occasion of HSE month celebrations training session was organized for colony ladies of Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP) on LPG safety. The training was delivered by Anunay Tiwari (Manager – Safety) at Staff club. The session explained the safety concepts through classroom training and practical demonstration. The session helped the participants to get awareness on various hazards related to LPG.

    BCP Conducted Basic Life Support training

As part of HSE Month celebrations, Bhiwani Cement Plant (BCP) conducted Basic Life Support training for officers. An emergency response team from Government Hospital Charkhi Dadri was invited for imparting the training.


Quiz Competition for Officers at ACP

HSE quiz competitions were organised for officers at Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP). The competition gave opportunity to participants for assessing their awareness on HSE. Question on HSE topics were asked to assess the participants.

Training Session on Risk Assessment

Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP) conducted training session on risk assessment for employees and contractor employees. The session covered basic elements of risk assessment, what are the different types of risk associated at ACP, risk matrix (severity and probability), field level risk assessment and five steps of risk assessment.

Fire Risk Identification drive @ CCP

On occasion of HSE month 2018 a fire risk identification drive was carried out at all location of Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) plant. It initiative was driven by safety department and area owners in which all officers and workmen participated. A total of 110 prospective fire risk areas under medium and low intensity were identified. Raghvendrarao Jahagirdar (VP – CCP) instructed the team to resolve the risks as soon as possible.

Road and Household Safety Awareness Session

An awareness session on road and household safety was organised by Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) for students and staff of Secondary School, Sita Ram Ji ka khera. The session was taken by PMC members and focussed on information related to safe behaviour one should have at school and home. Altogether 65 students and five staffs attended the program.

CCP conducted training on WAH

Working at Height (WAH) session was given by WAH champion Ajeet Singh at Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) in which 100 employees participated. He talked about the precautions that have to be taken while working at height, anchoring point importance and importance of WAH attender was explained in a great interactive session with workmen.

RMX Vijayawada Team Conducted CSAP

Customer Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) was held at Amara Raja Infra Pvt. Ltd., Vijayawada. The program was attended by around 120 customer site engineers, their safety team along with the contractor staff and labours. The topics covered were regular safe work practices and Work at Height and fire fighting. The client team appreciated the initiative and encouraged more such events.

SCP Organised Blood Donation camp


As part of annual Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Month celebrations; Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP) organized blood donation camp at SCP in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, Raipur. More than 350 employees; including contractual workers, truck drivers, colony ladies and people from nearby villages voluntarily participated in the programme and donated 350 units of blood.


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