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Good Practice: Controlling speed limit of TM through constant interaction with drivers

In Readymix business over speeding of Transit Mixer (TM) is a big challenge and one of the main reasons for road accidents and TM roll over. Often it has been observed that there are large numbers of violations as far as harsh braking is concerned. To overcome these safety hazards, Hubli plant team came together and devised a strategy in which they started interacting with the TM drivers regularly and personally.

Plantation drive at ACP

With the commencement of monsoon and commitment towards the environment, Arasmeta Cement Plant (ACP) organised a plantation drive at the project area. ACP has planned plantation of more than 1000 tress at project area. Till date plantation of 800 trees of different species has been done. PMC members along with the employees actively took part in this drive.

Health awareness session on rainy season

A health awareness session was organised with contract workmen at Bhiwani Cement Plant (BCP). YK Sharma AGM P&A shared tips on viral diseases which is takes place during monsoons. He also informed that mosquitoes are a major source of spreading various diseases during monsoons.

CCP conducted training on critical care ambulance

Training on critical care ambulance and use of stretchers was organised at Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP). This program was based on how to tackle all kinds of medical emergency in the plant. In this respect a session was held to impart awareness regarding the facilities and training for the use of stretchers to the designated first aiders. Altogether 21 people attended the training.

CCP launched domestic waste management system

In line with the environment friendly domestic waste management initiative, Chittorgarh Cement Plant (CCP) distributed new colour coded, covered waste bins to all households in the township. Similarly colour coded bins have already been distributed to plant canteen and guest house kitchens to ensure proper segregation of waste and further use of the organic waste to make compost. Each bin has stickers showing the waste categories to be put in those bins with pictures for easy understanding of the maids and other housekeeping staffs.

JCP organised training on Energy Isolation and LOTOTO

Jojobera Cement Plant (JCP) organised training on Energy Isolation and LOTOTO on for all electricians and technical support employees. The refresher training comprised examples of types of hazardous energy and its source, hierarchy of controls, mandatory LOTOTO sequence, its permit requirements and other site specific requirements. The training was facilitated by Anand Pandey, JCP Maintenance Head.

RMX North shows their commitment towards environment

North RMX employees has taken an oath to say ‘No’ to plastic and made a commitment to abide by environmental theme of the year “Say No to Plastic”. On this occasion Shuvendu Basu, Head (HSE- RMX & Aggregates) and Aaftab Irani, Head Operations (RMX & Aggregates) interacted with the teams and distributed specially designed cotton utility bags.

SLDP training of RMX Delhi employees

A one day Safety Leadership Development Program (SLDP) was conducted for the employees of RMX Delhi. Training was attended by 11 participants from plants and area office. SLDP was one of the developmental needs identified during Safety Maturity Development Plan (SMDP) for the year 2018-19 for area and plant level leadership team of RMX – Delhi. During the training program, participants were oriented on safety pyramid, lagging and leading indicators, ABC analysis, Bradley Curve, role of leader in safety, behaviour Vs conditioning intervention and VFL. The training was facilitated by Shuvendu Basu – Head HSE (RMX & Aggregate) at Gurgaon.

First aid training @ SCP

First aid training was conducted for officers at Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP). Altogether 35 officers benefited from this program which was facilitated by Dr. Prabhat Vishwakaram. Objective of the program was to understand the duties and responsibilities of first aider, apply first aid to accident victims in the workplace, identify common workplace accidents requiring first aid treatment and check and pack contents of first aid box.

Inauguration of five –step safety model @ SCP

Sonadih Cement Plant (SCP) inaugurated five-simple steps of safety model at the entrance of plant. Special gate meeting was called to mark this event wherein Ramesh Warke, SVP – SCP in his speech reiterated the importance of safety. He urged all to work safety in the plant as well as outside.

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