An Achhe Ghar is not just about the cement or other building materials that we use.


It is also about the values that tranform a house into a Ghar. To celebrate the concept of Achhe Ghar and also to reinforce the importance of values that make it one, we are inviting you to participate in this interactive campaign where we will try to understand what you, our consumers, think of when you hear the phrase "Achhe Ghar". Your vision will be valuable inputs for us to understand your needs better, so that next time you think of building an Achhe Ghar, your dreams will take shape with Concreto.


The best entries will be shortlisted by our in-house judges panel and these will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

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  • » This contest is open for all individuals above 18 years.
  • » Create a log in by filling up your credentials
  • » Draw your vision of Acche Ghar using our drawing tool
  • » When done click on "Finish" on the right bottom of your drawing sheet
  • » If you feel you can do better, click on "Draw Again" to go back to your drawing sheet.
  • » If satisfied with your finished drawing click "Finish" and share it on your social media platforms.
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