Good Practice: Constructing parallel platforms at weighbridge to avoid potential risk

Date: 6 Dec, 2017

Want to make weighbridges durable?

Do we want the weighbridge to withstand the test of weight and time?

How to eliminate potential risk on bulk transportation?

The industry best practice solutions provided to solve all of the above-mentioned pain points.

Weighbridge is an important component in industries that manufacture or move bulk items. These include:

  • mines or quarries,
  • garbage dumps and/or recycling centers,
  • bulk liquid and powder movement,
  • household goods, and
  • electrical equipment.

Since the weight of the vehicle carrying the goods is known, they serve as a quick and easy way to measure the flow of bulk goods in and out of different locations. However, attention should be given to the safety of operating a weighbridge since you have heavy vehicles moving in and out of it.

To help ensure the above it is advisable to construct parallel platforms at weighbridges to avoid potential risk. This will add value to the construction by giving a strong base foundation to add leverage to the weighbridge and improve its efficiency in handling heavy load over a long period of time. Like the famous proverb: A stitch in time saves nine, this small adjustment can end up saving money and improving quality control over a period of time.

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